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Black falls RPG

for all your Vampire Role playing needs.

The Black Falls Role-Playing-Game
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Vampire Role Playing Game.
The Black Falls is a Fantasy based Role Playing Game (RPG). The Black Falls is another planet far out in a different galaxy; Earth Humans discovered it in the year 3769 and sent a group of 100 explorers to discover what the planet had to offer; When reports that the air was breathable, the water drinkable, and the vegetation edible were sent back to earth, groups of humans were sent to populate this newly discovered world.  Though quickly those who went out to start new colonies realized that this earth was different: it slowly, over thousands of years, changed a few more susceptible people into new species, the Vampires, The Were-People, and the Fairies. Animals changed and Evolved on this planet too; tiny pet lizards and birds evolved to be Dragon and Dinosaur like creatures; dogs, cats, and rabbits evolved to be much like the extinct Sabre-toothed counterparts, wild and vicious. Though many of the people and animals sent to The Black Falls stayed exactly as they were on earth, but for those who were forever changed, The Black Falls will forever be home.

We accept Vampires, Humans, Werewolves/People, and Fairies, any other fantasy creature (zombie, mummy,, etc) will need to be mod-approved. 

For legal reasons we must:
1. Insist that all players have a disclaimer in their journals and AIM profiles/info stating that they are not the character they play.

2. Insist that any person under the age of 14 not apply to play -or- do not disclose their age to the mod(s) or any other players.

3. Insist that any person under the age of legal consent in their State/Country do not engage in conversations or role play that is sexual in nature.

4. Insist that all players agree and abide to the rules and regulations in the Rules post.

5. Insist that all persons under the age of 17 show that they are mature enough to handle adult situations either through their actions, the way they present themselves to others, their language (that is: word choice/diction; not abrasive "Mature" language). Or provide the mods and other players some other reason to believe that they are mature.

We strive to provide the best gaming experience possible, with friendly, active players, and we are open to new ideas and suggestions. This game is not made for beginner role players, there are adult themes and there will be some serious (maybe even trigger-y) topics, but anyone is welcome to apply.

Use this years calendar for lunar phases, if you are not in the USA use New York as a reference point for the phase of the moon.

Please feel free to comment this post with any questions you may have; questions will be answered in the FAQ post.

General Game rules:
1. No God-modding! Nobody likes it and there is no excuse for doing it.  (Banned on second offense)
2. Be Polite out of Character. Don't cause OOC drama. Keep the line between IC and OOC nice and bold, this line is not to be crossed. (Banned on second offense)
3. Be mature about things.
4. Don't cause excessive or unnecessary drama! some drama is good, but if you/your character is turning into the drama llama's drama momma you'll be warned (Maximum of 3 times)and eventually banned.
5. Marriages, and  pregnancies (including miscarriages) must be mod approved* (Banned on second offense)
6. Your journal name and screen name need to relate to your character somehow.
7. Journals need to be updated at least once every three weeks^
8. Two Character limit, anyone discovered breaking this rule will be banned. (Banned on first offense)
9. Don't be flaky, bitchy, or childish. (covered above but doesn't hurt to re-state)
10. Remember that RL > RP.

*- At the time of approval a mod will determine the Gender of the Baby using a coin toss (Heads for Female, Tails for Male. Best two out of three.) Mod will also Determine the number of babies (1, twins, triplets, etc).
^- Random journal checks will be performed during every three week period, you will be warned for missing one post, and removed if you miss two posts in a row.

Specific Game rules:
1. If a character has a child it is not a separate character but rather an extension of the first character; do not take over (play as) somebody's character's child unless you have permission from them to do so. If the Child is the product of a mod-approved pregnancy either or both players may claim the child.
2. Pets are also an extension of the "host" Character, though pets only have actions they do not speak. Fantasy pet (Dragons, Dinosaurs, extinct animals, or w/e) adoptions are with mod approval only.
3. Pregnancies are to last 14 weeks real life time (about 3 months, 1/3 the time of a real life pregnancy) Premature births (must be mod approved when pregnancy is applied for) Will last an appropriate amount of real life weeks according to the level of prematurity.
4. Each fantasy species is subject to it's own set of rules.
5.Use this years calendar for lunar phases, if you are not in the USA use New York as a reference point for the phase of the moon.


Transportation: Hover-cars, buses, and trains all get you where you need to go, no matter where on the planet, within two hours. Circumnavigation of the planet, in any direction, will take no more than three and 3/4ths hours.

Environment: There are four distinct ecosystems on the planet; The Mountains, The Jungle/Forest/woods, The plains, and the Rivers.
There are two large Mountain areas; The Northern Mountains are very cold, with snow covering the entire region. The Southern Mountains are a much warmer climate, and only the very tops get snowfall in the winter. There are caves in the sides of Both Mountain Ranges; abandoned salt mines, as the mountains contain the only salt deposits on the planet.
The Jungles, Forests, and Woods are scattered all over the planet; Jungles are found in wet areas, usually mixed in with the River systems. Forests are dry and will bump right up against a plains area. Woods are dry and found around the bases of the mountains, but they can be found in hilly plains areas as well.
There are three main Plains areas; The northern plains are dry and cool. The southern plains are dry and warm. The River plains are in the middle, with a long, slow moving river system running through it.
There are many Rivers and small lakes on the planet, there is no ocean or sea, and all of the water is fresh water; so all of the water is suitable for drinking.

Technology: Each person will carry with them a Tablet PC (think iPad, without all the dumb restrictions) or a hand-held PC (similar to an iPod touch but WAY cooler and more powerful). the entire planet has something similar to wireless internet, so wherever you are on the planet you can get the latest news and control your banking.

Economy: There is no paper money or coins on the planet; conservation of trees is important, and any metals found are turned into beautiful works of art and pieces of jewelry. The unit of money is a "credit" (each credit would be worth about a dollar) and there are no partial credits. Each person will carry a "Credit Card" that is similar to a debit card in that they can not spend more credits than they have. People earn credits by working, and are "payed" at the end of each day, or by "selling" goods and services that they have to offer. Credits are good at any business on the planet. Some businesses use a trade and barter system, where a person brings items (that they business may be interested in "buying") to a business and receives items that they would like in return. Items that are very valuable or rare are worth more credits than an item that is common or cheap. Individuals may barter with each other for goods as well; Using either a trade (give an item get an item) or a transfer of credits from one individual's account to another (money for an item).


1. Unless your character has the "Day walker" ability Vampires can't go out in the sun, they'll burst into flames and cease to exist.
2. Vampires can't change (or Sire) Sick or dead humans.
3. To change into a vampire the human must drink a Vampire's "blood" and wait for it to be absorbed into their bloodstream, once it does the Vampire blood acts as a poison, stopping the heart.
4. Vampires can't get sick, they can't catch STDs.
5. Vampire's can't reproduce with each other, However, Male Vampires can get humans (both male and female) pregnant.
6. To kill a Vampire one must shove a wooden stake through the heart and remove the head, then set fire to the pieces.
Diet: Human or animal Blood.

1. Werewolves live in packs of two or more. the only time they are solitary is when they are in human form.
2. a Werewolf's "animal" form can be any Species of large carnivore. Most commonly wolves (that's where the name comes from) but any canine or feline species will be accepted.
3. Werewolves are only "infectious" during the full moon, and only in their animal form.
4. During the full moon Werewolves must be in their animal form. Any other time they may change between their human and animal forms at will.
5. Werewolves can "Breed" and reproduce with their own kind (according to animal form) and Humans.
6. To kill a werewolf one must shoot it in the heart or between the eyes with a solid silver bullet.
Diet: Raw (or severely undercooked) Human or animal flesh.

1. Fairies have two sizes: human size and fairy size. At human size fairies are characterized as petite (short) and small (skinny). At Fairy size they are between 4 and 5 inches tall, and weigh less than an ounce.
2. Their wings have colored "veins" of fairy dust running through them. The color of the dust depends on the personality of that fairy. (A male fairy can have hot pink dust if he has a "hot pink" personality,)
3. Fairies can't change humans into Fairies, no matter how much fairy dust they use or how hard they wish it.
4. Fairies Can't get sick, or catch STDs.
5. Fairies (both male and female) Can be impregnated by humans, but they can't impregnate a human.
6. To kill a fairy one must poison the fairy with evil. Feeding a fairy a lot of salty foods (without any sugary things) over a long period of time will also kill a fairy.
Diet: foods containing Milk, honey, and/or sugar.